Revolution might be a bit strong but there has been a huge shift in this technology over the past few years. What used to be called cell phone spy software has become cellphone monitoring software; a subtle enough change on the surface you might think but make no mistake, this is huge. The major shift has been in the marketing of this type of software but the technology behind it has also advanced.

The Old Spy Software Model

I'm sure most of us have come across some of the type of advertising used by spy software companies in the past. You know the sort of headlines, ”catch a cheating spouse”, “spy on your X”, “find out the truth” - all illegal by the way and decidedly seedy. Of course the companies fail to point out that most of this activity is illegal, unless of course you read their small disclaimer tucked away at the bottom of the site.

The other problem with the old model was the software itself. It was unreliable at best and an outright scam at worst. Finding spy phone software that actually worked was a challenge. Unfortunately some of these companies are still around today along with their dubious marketing practices and substandard software.

The New Approach

Several big companies came into the marketplace and recognized that things had to change if these products were to survive. Their marketing approach has been to focus on legal and ethical ways to use cell phone spy software or should we say monitoring software. This was a masterstroke.

Not only does this appeal to a wider audience but the legal uses are actually more beneficial to the majority of users. There are only two ways to use monitoring software legally by the way:

  • To monitor your children’s cellphones - as long as they are under adult age and you are the technical owner of the phone.
  • To monitor business cellphones - these must be phones owned by the company and any adult user must be notified that the phone is being monitored.

Spying on your partner is not allowed but of course many will still choose to ignore the legal details.

So they shifted the marketing emphasis and they also improved the performance of the software itself. Even basic monitoring programs can reliably report on almost all cellphone activity including call recording, texts, web browsing history, e-mails and even GPS tracking.

Due Diligence is Required

You still need to take extra care when buying cellphone monitoring software as there are currently some scams around. Unfortunately some of the old habits prevail with false claims and software which does not work. I have found a great resource for beginners, covering all aspects of this type of software and how it works, including a complete cellphone spy software guide at Spyzrus .net.

When it comes to choosing the best cell phone monitoring programs, Spyzrus has some very detailed reviews worth checking out - their mSpy review for example. Finding quality, independent websites can be a great way to find out how good the software is and how it performs.

The Future

I have only been following this type of software for a couple of years but I am already amazed at the speed of changes on the technology side. This is a booming market fuelled by the rise of smart phone sales but also by the changing marketing practices.

In the old days the spy software companies tended to be small operations but now three or four large companies are dominating the marketplace. The good news is that this helps to protect consumers from the scam companies. Now you're dealing with proper businesses with good and ethical business practices. Not quite a revolution but definitely a significant change.