monitoring kids devices

Sometimes I wonder if it is just me. As if the dreaded teen monsters aren’t bad enough to keep an eye on we have to live in a society where it is normal to give them the tools that can lead them into chaos and danger. Alright I know that sounds a bit dramatic but whose idea was it to give them mini computers in the form of modern cell phones? For some parents this just adds to our nightmares.

It’s Not a Phone Anymore

I’m old school; I remember the world before the internet - Feature Book, Twits and all of that. I remember the first home computers and dial up internet connections, not that there was much to see on the web unless you were a college professor or a pervert! I actually remember when I had to go to a call box to make phone calls, admittedly quite a while ago now.

These new phones, they aren’t even close to just cell phones. Now you can do almost everything on there – most are better than my old PC! And the kids, they know how to use all this stuff while we scratch our heads. As if the internet isn’t bad enough to police in your own home, now we’ve gone and given them free access whenever and wherever they choose and we get to pay!

As a parent, you try to protect them and teach them about safety and all that. The internet was another major hurdle for me to police and just when I think I have a system that works at home we go and invent Smartphones for the masses. That is the core of my problem – how to monitor my kids and what they get up to online with these dumb phones.

Your Daddy’s Not So Stupid!

It’s funny how your enemy can become your friend. This Daddy did some searching and found some technology to help control my precious teens. Cell phone spy software is what you need! It’s not as bad as you might think. All joking aside, I do not really want to spy on their every move but it is my responsibility to keep them safe. Whilst they remain in my care I need to do what I can to protect them – from themselves mostly.

I found a great website all about cell phone monitoring and tracking. I recommend it if you haven’t heard about this stuff. You, like me will be amazed at what this type of software can do. I didn’t think this sort of thing was legal but apparently it is – at least for monitoring your own kids.  

Now I played it straight with them and told them that it was installed on the phones. You can do it secretly but I figure just knowing that I can see what they are up to and even where they are, should be enough to keep them in line. I haven’t gone in looking at their text messages but I could, if I have something to worry about.

I have to admit, this is probably not for everyone. If like me you have some terrible teens running rings around you, it could just be another tool in your arsenal. Raising kids in this technical world can be an absolute nightmare and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Food for thought.