I am computer fanatic, it goes without saying. If I was to spend a single day without my laptop, tablet, or Smartphone, I would probably hurt myself. All joking aside, I have embraced technology ever since I got my first PC. I don’t see it as a burden, but rather a tool that helps my everyday life run more smoothly. I’m usually multitasking, doing 5 different things at the same time, so it can get pretty hectic and overwhelming. Helping kids get ready for school, making breakfast, answering calls and emails, helping my husband get ready, and so on. Computers assist me in getting a lot of things done for a fraction of the time.

And it’s not just at home either. One of the things I enjoy the most is to travel and it’s something I try to do as often as possible. Not as often as I used to do when I was single, but still, my husband and I make sure we take a trip every now and then, with or without the kids. Even that aspect of my life is made a lot better with the use of technology. I can book the place where we are going to be staying at, and even pay for it. Ordering plane tickets online is also a breeze. Once we get there, with the help of GPS and maps, we no longer need to play the role of lost tourists, who ask for directions. We can simply find the hotel ourselves, and find out what sights to see while we’re there. In case we are not taking the kids with us, I also make sure that they are safe.

Monitoring Software Apps

While I can’t protect them physically, being hundreds or thousands miles away from them, I can track their online activity, with cell phone monitoring apps that are reviewed on this website: http://spyzrus.net Using spy software programs such as Mspy and Flexispy allows us to keep a close eye on what our kids are up to online. Make sure you check out the reviews and avoid the scams - unfortunately there are a few around! When I’m at home, I always make sure that they are exposed to the right type of content while browsing the internet. It doesn’t necessarily need to be educational and smart, because, after all, they are still kids and allowed to have a bit of fun, which includes watching stupid stuff online. Just not too much of it, obviously.

But, what I’m worried about is the content that is not appropriate for their age, or anyone’s age for that matter. The apps even allowed me to block the websites they are looking at. They wouldn’t never dare to watch anything inappropriate with us home, but while we are away, you better believe they will try. Just remember yourself when you were a kid. But, since they are kids, they don’t always know what’s best for them, and it is my job, as parent, to step in sometimes and decide on their behalf. I’m just glad that I’m able to, even if I’m not physically present. Now, I’m just waiting for the day when technology will do the laundry instead of me, or cook lunch. Just kidding. Sort of.